Free things to do in York: Have your Slice of Fun

Free things to do in York: Have your Slice of Fun

You are in for a shock when you come to New York on a vacation. You are aware that the amenities like accommodation and conveyance here are expensive but you feel the pinch when you are asked to pay entrance fee for all your family members at various iconic structures in New York. However, there is no need to despair as there are many high quality destinations where your family can have fun and enjoyment for hours and that too without paying any money.There are many Free things to do in York.


Brighton Beach

Brighton beach is not a beach but a beachfront neighborhood which is also referred to s Moscow of Brooklyn. This is because of a high Russian and Ukrainian population living here. Expect the beach to be full of blondes and old men playing chess. You will find lots of Russian restaurants and shops. For food, you can eat smoked salmon and lamb kebabs on Brighton Beach.


Greenwood Cemetery

Not many tourists are fascinated by the idea of visiting a cemetery but this one is special as it is the eternal home to some 600000 people. Green-Wood Cemetery was established in 1838. It boasts the highest point in Brooklyn which is called Battle Hill. You will find the statue of Roman Goddess Minerva standing here. You will be welcomed by green parakeets as you enter from the gate that has been made in Gothic style.


New York Public Library

You would love visiting this place if you are a lover of books and fond of reading. It is the most popular library in New York which is situated to the east of Times Square. The building itself is quite imposing with twin lions Fortitude and Patience welcoming you at the entrance. You will find ancient manuscripts and some rare books not found anywhere else.

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